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Q - Can I wash my dog in our shampoo?
A - No, Household Shampoo is not designed for your pet, it is very important not to strip the natural oils from your dogs coat. All our shampoo's and conditioner's are constructed for your dogs coat type and skin condition. Household shampoo's are too harsh.
Q - How often should my dog be clipped?
A - We would recommend every 6 to 8 weeks, dependent on the breed and type of clip required.
Q - Can I stay with my dog when being groomed?
A - Yes, our groomers understand that it is important that the owners are also secure with our service. However, if your dog is focusing on you and not the groomer, they may suggest that they continue alone but only in agreement with you. You enter the van at your own risk.
Q - What If my dog will not allow you to wash and clip him/her?
A - In these cases we will suggest a few exercises that the owner can do with their dog before we re-visit to try again. We have several customers whose dogs have been nervous at Grooming Salons, but having the owners on site, and the grooming done outside the house, the dogs soon become comfortable and settle down.
Q - Is the water that you use to wash my dog, re-used?
A - No, all dogs are washed and rinsed in fresh water, all dirty water is discharged through a filter.
Q - Do you use cold water to wash my dog?
A - No the water temperature is controlled by a thermostat to ensure the water is at the correct temperature to ensure your dog has a pleasant experience.
Q - What do I need to supply when you groom my dog?
A - We require a 13amp mains socket to connect our extension lead to, and a parking space!
Q - Can I book in more than 1 dog?
A - Yes, when booking a date and time just inform us of your requirements and we book the required time  to complete the work in a relaxed manner.
Q - What is the correct age to start having my dog groomed?
A - Grooming, firstly as a game should start with the owner ASAP. This will allow the dog to enjoy being handled and lose any fear of brushes etc, please ask our groomers for the correct tools for your breed of dog, using the wrong equipment can hurt and frighten them so causing problems for all future grooming and clipping.
Q - How often should I groom my dog?
A - Grooming on a daily basis would be great, however it is dependent on the breed, a Lhasa Apso’s and Shihtzu’z,  need grooming every day, a Lab could be done weekly, please ask our groomer for guidance to suit your breed of dog.
Q - How can I be sure that you clip my dog how I want him/her to look?
A - One of the great advantages of Dial A Dog Wash is the grooming is completed at your home or place of work, this allows you to have close contact with our groomer to agree the clip before they start.
Q - My dog dislikes being dried with a dryer, what will you do?
A - All our groomers use and carry fresh towels for each dog, we would suggest a few methods of training the dog to accept the dryer at home and over the next visits with our groomer.
Q - Can my Dog be clipped without being washed?
A - Yes. However, a dog that is washed and conditioned will get a better finish to the coat than a coat that is clipped when dirty & greasy.
Q - If my dog has some matts or knots, will you still wash him/her?
A - No, water will only tighten the matts and knots making it more painful for your dog. We would first have to remove the knots.
Q - What are the correct grooming tools for me to groom my dog?
A - Grooming equipment is dependent on breed and coat type, please ask our groomer for advise and grooming methods when we visit.  Items can be bought from our on board shop.
Q - What can I do if my dog doesn’t like being brushed?
A - Brushing and grooming should be fun for your dog, introduce the brush, rake etc slowly and ensure you are using the correct equipment for the breed.
Q - Can I remove knotts or matts with scissors?
A - We would strongly recommend that scissors are never used for this purpose, tools used incorrectly can cause the dog pain and high vet bills.
If you have any further question about our service or question about your dogs grooming needs please do not hesitate to contact us.
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